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Caring Times Christmas Lunch 2021

09 Dec 2021

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London

Are you caring for a family member or friend with dementia?

“When you’re a carer, your confidence goes a bit. You get out of the habit of doing things for yourself.”

Terry and Maureen have been together for most of their lives.

Maureen was 60 when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and their plans for the future had to change. Terry had to be at home with Maureen.

Maureen has tons of energy and it can be a struggle for Terry to keep up with her. She can’t hold a conversation or make decisions; she’s stopped driving and hasn’t cooked for years. Their lives have completely changed, and Terry finds it hard that the person he grew up with isn’t there anymore.

Terry tried to get Maureen to go to a memory café, but as people there tend to be older, she doesn’t feel she’s like them and she doesn’t like Terry leaving her at the groups.

Although Maureen’s memory has declined over the past few years, she’s always happy. Terry is the one who gets annoyed when things go wrong. He’s not annoyed with her, it’s with himself. This is happening more as time goes on.

Terry first heard about Dementia Carers Count (DCC) on Facebook. His daughter saw some information about DCC’s three-day course and suggested that Terry registered.

Within minutes of arriving at the hotel, I felt relaxed and was chatting to everyone. There was a lovely atmosphere. Some people were more nervous. For some, it was the first time they’d left the people they care for in years.”

Terry says the best part of the course was meeting people in a similar situation and getting a glimpse into their lives. “There were no airs and graces and no judgement. It helped me a lot.”

It made me realise that what was happening wasn’t my fault and that I had to get over thinking it was. The anger that I felt and the problems I was experiencing were all perfectly normal….    

…anyone in a caring role should go on this course. Get in there and get as involved as you can. Talk to people, listen to people. No-one is judging you. Everyone is there to help you, or to learn.”

Dementia Carers Count is here to support you.

DCC is a national charity dedicated to supporting family and friends caring for someone with dementia. They run free, professionally developed courses for carers, as well as an online Virtual Carers Centre.

To register for a course and to visit DCC’s Virtual Carers Centre please visit their website dementiacarers.org.uk  and follow their social media pages for updates.

 Twitter: @DemCarersCount

 Facebook: @DemCarersCount

Or contact DCC for more information:


020 3096 7894

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