Beyond Dementia Care – All Care Matters Conference

19 July, 2019 - University of Surrey, Guildford

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    The Journal of Dementia Care and Dementia Care Matters, the organisers of the Conference, welcome all those working in dementia care to this event.

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    08.30 – 09.45 Registration

    09.45 – 10.00 Welcome Dr Richard Hawkins, Editor in Chief, Journal of Dementia Care

    10.00 – 11.30 PLENARY SESSION

    Opening address: We Have a Dream Peter Bewert, CEO, Dementia Care Matters

    Reflection and Learning from our Practice through Challenging Situations Professor Melaine Coward, Head of School of Health Sciences, University of Surrey

    Reflection is often seen as a skill used in education as a tool for developing academic writing.  However it is a fundamental component of any profession, supporting the acquisition of new knowledge and developing query and intrigue for current practice.  In this talk, an explanation of what reflection is, how it can be applied and the importance of it will be considered.

    Nothing about us, without us – a message for current and future health and social care professionals Wendy Mitchell, Dementia Care Advocate

    11.30 – 12.00 Refreshments

    12.00 – 13.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    The parallel sessions have been developed based on themes from our Observational Audits and most commonly asked areas of support within our project methodology.

    1.  “I just want to die” – Finding a way to be alongside deep emotional pain in dementia care Sally Knocker, Senior Consultant Trainer, Dementia Care Matters

    A panel discussion including people living with dementia, family carers and paid workers

    Whilst the increasing focus on living well with dementia is to be welcomed, in our work with Dementia Care Matters, we still meet people who are in a very desperate and lonely place. There are times when the ‘cup of tea’ just isn’t the answer, but care teams struggle to know how to respond to these often hidden depths of emotional anguish. This is probably because it takes us to our own complex feelings about loss and mortality. Many validated tools exist to assess physical pain and some to assess depression, but are we talking enough about developing best practice in supporting people whose pain is emotional and not easily ‘fixed’? This workshop will invite participants to start talking about ways in which we can have these difficult conversations with people and confront some of our fears around this neglected topic.

    2. Self Actualisation and the Transformation of Care Cultures Luke Tanner, Consultant Trainer, Dementia Care Matters

    Dementia Care Matters’ culture change approach is based upon a belief that person centred cultures of care emerge as a result of participants undergoing a process of self actualisation. In this session, Luke outlines some of the core principles of person centred philosophy and explores the extent to which “self” is at the heart of each butterfly care home.

    3. Returning to New Culture Nursing – Mentoring Nurses in Attached Leadership Peter Bewert RN, CEO, Dementia Care Matters and Gemma Diss RMN, Consultant Trainer, Dementia Care Matters

    Nursing culture is deeply engrained within the medical model leading to task orientation. Florence Nightingale first discussed ‘The art of nursing’ but is nursing still an art form? This session will explore the imperatives of Dementia Care Matters’ new culture in nursing practice. We can enable this through our care services for Older People. It’s time to bring back ‘The art of nursing’.

    13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

    14.00 – 15.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    1. From ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ – the Butterfly Way

    Chair: Peter Bewert

    Panel Members: Pauline Shaw, The Royal Star & Garter Homes; Charlie Hoare, The Huntington & Langham Estate; Ros Heath, Landermeads; Anita Astle, Wren Hall Nursing Home

    Join us for an interactive Question and Answer session with homes who have achieved CQC ratings of Outstanding and maintain a Level One Accreditation status with Dementia Care Matters. You will be enlightened on how to navigate the pathway of sustainability and what it takes to obtain and sustain ‘Outstanding’ which is a rating awarded to less than 1% of care homes in England. Come and learn from the lived experience of The Butterfly Way and its success on culture change, delivery and sustainability from an ‘Outstanding’ level by the regulator.

    2. Learning from ‘Magic Moments’ in Care Homes  Nick Andrews, Research and Practice Development Officer, Wales School for Social Care Research, Swansea University

    Whilst the media often share the bad stories that happen in care homes, the sector is full of good stories. We need to acknowledge and celebrate these more. This workshop will provide a summary of the ‘Magic Moments’ work in Wales, and introduce participants to simple exercises to support collective learning and development using short stories.

    3. Let`s Talk about Love Sally Knocker, Senior Consultant Trainer, Dementia Care Matters and Luke Tanner, Consultant Trainer, Dementia Care Matters

    This session will explore the balance of safeguarding, deprivation of liberty and the need for intimacy, touch and sexual expression. We need to shift from a culture and thinking where we often only talk about these as a ‘problem’ rather than embracing them as a core part of identity and wellbeing for many of us as we age.

    15.10 – 15.50 PLENARY SESSION 

    Keynote: Emotional Resilience – Sustaining a Person Centred Organisation Dr David Sheard, Founder, Dementia Care Matters

    The Butterfly Model of Dementia Care is all about harnessing in others passion, drive and motivation in a cause bigger than themselves. However there are legitimate questions to be asked about the belief that ‘Feelings Matter Most ‘in dementia care. What is the evidence of people’s capacity to sustain the level of heightened connection in dementia care expected by Butterfly Homes? Is the development of Emotional Resilience in Dementia Care the armour and the answer to providing real quality dementia care? Or are the emotional demands of a model in dementia care based on emotional intelligence too much of a strain to sustain? In Dr David Sheard’s next ground breaking piece of work connected to the ‘Feelings Matter Most ‘series he will examine the traits of emotionally resilient people and their implications for dementia care.


    15.50 Refreshments and close

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