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09 Dec 2021

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London

England expects

By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

A good friend of mine has recently developed a degenerative neurological condition, cause as yet unknown. She has gone private because, on the NHS, she would have had to wait until June to be seen by a neurological specialist.

So, when a secondary school teacher who has paid into the NHS for her entire working career, comes to need timely medical help, she has to pay for it again, with no insurance cover. That’s not good enough and it is just one instance of where the reasonable expectations of hundreds of thousands of individuals are not being met by a defaulting healthcare system.

The NHS has been overwhelmed by our expectations – it wasn’t designed to do what we are now asking of it, and it’s time it was abandoned, to be replaced by a system underpinned by private health insurance. This would give government no excuse but to meet the social care responsibilities it is presently shirking, and so reduce the mounting pressure on primary health services.

Many other countries have equitable healthcare systems based on private health insurance, and which give protection to disadvantaged people and those on low incomes.

We can be proud of all the NHS has achieved for the nation, just as we can be proud of Nelson’s ‘Victory’, but perhaps it’s time to take the NHS out of service. Better to have it in dry-dock than see it sink with all hands – crew and passengers alike.

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3 Replies to “England expects”

  1. And perhaps it’s not. One of the principal problems with the NHS IS creeping privatisation. More of it will mean more people like your friend being let down and abandoned. This Government – and the previous coalition, and to some extent the previous New Labour Government – has all but abandoned the principles of the NHS. Thatcher’s Government legislated against local government-run social care, and local authorities, having mostly failed to live up to their principles, were quick to hand over their responsibilities to privateers and their go-getting “charitable” clones.
    I don’t know if Bob means a change of government to a proper socialist government, but that’s what I and millions of others are hoping for – a return to faith in and dedication to mutual, socialist, democratic principles at the heart of which is the NHS.
    Pleading poverty in a country where money does grow on trees but only the few can pick it while the many starve, is simply dishonest and greedy.

  2. And, by the way, there is plenty of room in this socialist future for well motivated and committed private care homes, which have for a long time been the backbone of good residential care and have, for the last twenty years also been squeezed by government and throttled by inept and ignorant regulation.

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