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09 Dec 2021

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London

Hanging on in noisy desperation

By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

I know we have to keep on fighting our corner but it does become a little wearing.

Frankly, a mere £1bn in extra funding for social care (£1.5bn if you include council tax rises) announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review amid the circus at Westminster last week, is an insult to the nation’s old and vulnerable people. (As a quick aside on Brexit, and talking of corners, it does seem like we’ve painted ourselves into an ever smaller one).

But yes, we social care supporters have got to keep on shouting “foul” and government will keep pretending to listen and not respond. That’s how the game is played under the current rules. Police and prisons, they’re the less-than-heartening priorities and social care will just have to hang on in noisy desperation.

Sorry to be so bleak on a Monday morning but it’s really frustrating, particularly when one sees other governments around the world grasping the nettle of their ageing demographics and achieving levels of social justice we barely dare to dream of

We have an abysmal lack of vision, and a stupid, unrepresentative political system which militates against whatever vision there is.

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One Reply to “Hanging on in noisy desperation”

  1. I’ve no idea of the breadth of readership of your splendid blogs and guest blogs, but I hope it runs into tens or even hundreds of thousands. Every MP, every director and senior manager within the local authorities and the NHS, every vaguely interested civil servant, and every single ‘influencer’ (don’t you hate that term?] should be compelled to read them.

    You are a beacon of light on this dismal Monday morning.

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