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09 Dec 2021

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London

I’m not dreaming of a Green Christmas

By Caring Times editor GEOFF?HODGSON

Just 23 days before our 2018 calendars join the crumpled Christmas present paper in the recycling bin. Nor will it be long before the presents around which it was wrapped begin to appear under the tree. As children we could not resist the temptation to prod them and weigh them in our hands, trying to guess what they might be (my wife Suze, who refuses to grow up, still does this).

And talking of paper, we should have a Green one very soon now . But no amount of prodding or weighing has given us a clue as to what delights the Green Paper might contain. Really, journalists and public servants aren’t what they used to be; there should have been several leaks by now.

But do you know, I really can’t get excited about it. It has been promised for so long and what is it after all? A public consultation with an illusory gravitas conferred by its title. Nothing may come of it.

While a Green Paper might normally provide a useful focus for public discussion, and even be a catalyst for change, I fear this one will be sidelined by the Brexit bruhaha and languish like an overlooked, shrivelled satsuma in the end of the stocking.

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One Reply to “I’m not dreaming of a Green Christmas”

  1. This government, like several before it, and despite hollow protestations of deeeeeep concern, doesn’t care a fig, let alone a satsuma. They will put off doing anything about the most serious problems of our crumbling society. We are not – and rarely have been in my lifetime – “all in it together”.
    Our Health and Social Care Secretary shows his dynamism by banning faxes, which are used all the time and for good reasons, while turning a blind eye to the desperate state of social care as portrayed in the excellent BBC 1 drama, “Care”, last night. I hope he and the prime minister watched it, but all we will get is more wringing and washing of well manicured hands. And it’s typical that the Matt Hancock makes a ruling over such a trivial and irrelevant matter, probably in the full knowledge that he has no power to decide on using faxes or not, when he and his colleagues are too frightened? too weak? too cynical? too timid? too ambitious? too rich? too stupid? . . . to take a stand on social care.

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