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09 Dec 2021

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It’s incredible! So why should we believe it?

By guest blogger JOHN BURTON

“I am delighted to be taking up the role . . . “

“A real privilege . . .”

“ . . . unrelenting focus on quality outcomes . . .”

“ . . . an incredibly important time . . . “

“ . . . the delivery of high quality care in a challenging environment.”

“I am passionate about putting people who use services at the heart of everything we do.”

“ . . . ensuring the availability of good quality care . . .”

“. . . integrate around the individual.”

“. . . embedded co-production”

These platitudes are from Kate Terroni, the new chief Inspector of adult social care at the Care Quality Commission. She certainly speaks the language but it doesn’t really tell us anything about her. One way of measuring (CQC’s keen on measuring) whether someone’s telling you anything new – or true – is to imagine them saying the opposite:

“I’m not looking forward to this job but I suppose I’ll have to take it. I’ll be very laid back and I don’t really care much about quality. CQC’s not important now anyway, so we’re very relaxed about quality in this easy-going care sector. I’m half-hearted about the people who use the services and I know the regulator can’t actually ensure good quality (you’d be right there, Kate) so what’s the point of trying? All this integration and co-production stuff is waffle.”

The best care homes are original, lively, and different from every other care home. A visitor won’t understand all of it at first because it will be a complex community. I want an indication from CQC that they would know a real one if they saw it. Occasionally I hear of an inspector who is truly interested and interesting, who listens and watches and learns. But the organisational culture and language of CQC doesn’t encourage originality and difference. Perhaps the new chief inspector of adult social care had to speak like this to get the job and will turn out to be a real person rather than a clone. I hope so.

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