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JDC Ask Sample Articles

Why not take a look inside some of our back issues of  the Journal of  Dementia Care?


Please click on the links below to access past articles from the “JDC Asks” section of the Journal of Dementia Care.

May/June 2018 (26.3) According to Alzheimer’s Society, nearly two-thirds of people with dementia who live on their own feel lonely. What is the solution to loneliness?

March/April 2018 (26.2) Following Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle, Jeremy Hunt is now the secretary of state for health and social care. Should his new title mean a new approach to his job?

January/February 2018 (26.1) Many care homes still rely on antipsychotic medication for some people with dementia. But do they have any alternative?

November/December 2017 (25.6) Our opening debate at the UK Dementia Congress will discuss this motion: “Research has brought us no closer to a cure for dementia than we were a decade ago, and therefore funding should be switched to researching care and support.” True or false?

September/October 2017 (25.5) Now Jackie Doyle-Price has been appointed the government’s dementia care minister, what should her priorities be?

July/August 2017 (25.4) Not every dementia book makes great summer holiday reading, but some do. Which would you take down to the beach?

May/June 2017 (25.3) Did Chancellor Philip Hammond rescue social care with the measures he promised in his Spring Budget? We ask whether an extra £2 billion and a Green Paper on a longer-term settlement can put social care on an even keel.

March/April 2017 (25.2) A rating of ‘inadequate’ from CQC can mean the care home goes out of business, while an ‘outstanding’ one can do wonders for business and morale. But do CQC ratings really reflect the standards of care delivered?

January/February 2017 (25.1) In an environment where many hospitals are struggling to cope with rising demand and inadequate resources, what are the challenges and opportunities in acute care for people with dementia?

November/December 2016 (24.6) At the UK Dementia Congress (Brighton, 1-3 November), the ever popular opening debate focuses on the following topic: Should we welcome a future of robots, avatars and digital technology in dementia care? Here, some of the participants give their views…

September/October 2016 (24.5) The EU referendum result has implications for dementia research, policy, practice and funding. What will the impact of Brexit be on dementia care?

July/August 2016 (24.4) Funding for the Dementia Research Institute promised in the PM’s 2020 challenge has reached £250 million with the aim of increasing understanding and improving care and treatment of dementia. What should its top priorities be?

May/June 2016 (24.3): Launching the government’s Dementia Implementation Plan, health secretary Jeremy Hunt alluded to his NHS strategy in suggesting that the ‘rollout’ of 7 day services will benefit dementia patients by helping make sure they don’t stay in hospital longer than necessary. Is he right?

March/April 2016 (24.2): In the coming year more public money will be devoted to integrating community services, including at least £3.9 billion for the Better Care Fund. Would investing part of it in better arts and leisure opportunities for people with dementia be money well spent?

January/February 2016 (24.1): As care homes face unprecedented funding pressures, we ask whether they will be able to meet demand for dementia care during 2016

November/December 2015 (23.6): Have things improved for people with dementia and carers in the past 10 years? UK Dementia Congress panelists give their views

September/October 2015 (23.5): What is the most important change needed in the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) as a result of the Law Commission’s new consultation on what should replace them?

July/August 2015 (23.4): What is the outlook for dementia care under the new Conservative government?

May/June 2015 (23.3): The most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) refrains from talking about ‘dementia’, preferring to refer instead to ‘major neurocognitive disorder’. Has the word dementia had its day?

March/April 2015 (23.2): Now that both the National Dementia Strategy for England and the PM’s Challenge are coming to an end, what should the priorities of government policy be?

January/February 2015 (23.1): Will the Care Act be good for people living with dementia and their family carers?

November/December 2014 (22.6): Is it only the media that has the power to get action on bad practice in care of people with dementia?

September/October 2014 (22.5): Should care staff be taught how to use physical restraint techniques with people living with dementia?

July/August 2014 (22.4): What should be done to improve implementation of the Mental Capacity Act (2005)?

May/June 2014 (22.3): What issues do care home staff face when supporting a person living with dementia who is in an intimate relationship?

March/April 2014 (22.2):What do you think about CQC’s plans to change the way it inspects and regulates adult social care?

January/ February 2014 (22.1): Do you think that integrated health and social care will soon be the norm rather than the exception?

November/ December 2013 (21.6) What progress has been made in the field of dementia care in the past 20 years?

September/ October 2013 (21.5): What advice do you have for Minster of State for Care and Support Norman Lamb on how to improve home care services for people with dementia?

July/ August 2013 (21.4): What can Clinical Commissioning Groups do for people with dementia?

May/ June 2013 (21.3): Do you agree with the CQC that the Health and Social Care system “is struggling to care adequately for people with dementia”?

March/ April 2013 (21.2): One year one, how is the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia influencing you day-to-day work with people with dementia?

January/ February 2013 (21.1): What can social media offer dementia care practitioners?

November/ December 2012 (20.6): Are the voices of frail older people with dementia being heard?

September/October 2012 (20.5): Is personalisation working for people with dementia?

July/August 2012 (20.4): What was your reaction to the BBC’s Panorama programme on the abuse of a woman with dementia living in a care home?

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