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Smart technologies can create safer working practices in care homes

May 13, 2020

The care home landscape is facing some of the most challenging times due to the current situation.  While the main focus of media attention has been on the NHS and it’s associated workers, care home workers are now rightly being recognised for the heroes that they are.

Many care workers have put themselves at the forefront to  care for and protect elderly and vulnerable people. We have even seen care homes with makeshift campsites in the gardens ensure that the residents are looked after without increasing the risk of bringing in infection. Incredible dedication that emphasises the strength of resolve of these key workers.

The lack of PPE and hand sanitiser became apparent very quickly and some unscrupulous providers of equipment raising their prices at this unprecedented time of need became media stories.  And rightly so. Other news from the care home sector indicate a worrying level of infections and deaths from the virus, so anything that can help reduce cross infection must be considered if this sad situation is to be curtailed.

Many care homes have come to rely on a variety of smart technologies to enhance the smooth running of these facilities. These technologies include electronic care planning and medication management, smart nurse call systems or acoustic monitoring.

In the media there hasn’t been quite the same focus on these areas and how they can create safer working practices in care homes.  Reducing physical interactions, touch points and visits to homes to carry out management activities or system maintenance if vital equipment fails, can all help when a care home is in a lockdown situation.  But this kind of activity relies on deploying the right kind of technology.  Many solution providers are equipped to deal with problems and queries remotely using various techniques.  This might be with a simple phone call (95% of all support requests to Courtney Thorne are resolved on the same day – via the telephone) or in some cases, via remote access using internet and mobile connectivity.

Should a physical piece of equipment fail, typically a replacement can be pre-configured at source then dispatched in a very short space of time with simple deployment instructions – maintaining a safe care home environment.

During these most challenging times availability of components and the logistics in getting hardware to the right place at the right time has emphasised the virtues of using companies with manufacturing based in the UK. Purchasing from a UK company, one which relies on its own trained staff located throughout the country, provides further reassurance that solutions will be manufactured, delivered, installed and maintained to a level that preserves the safety and security of all residents, staff and management in care homes

Whatever the challenge you face – get in contact with your technology supplier. They should appreciate and understand your situation and move heaven and earth to ensure that solutions can be offered and issues resolved,  giving you added reassurance through these times

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